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Acaia Pearl S Black - Smart Coffee Scale

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First-rate scale, favoured by top baristas around the world

Presented in a sleek, minimalist casing, the Acaia Pearl offers an unrivalled coffee scale experience. From its cutting-edge precision to app-connectivity, this compact piece of kit should have a place in every coffee brewer’s collection. 

The scale is designed to measure more than just the weight of the coffee. It also measures the time and flow-rates, making it perfect for brewing pour over coffee and for taking extraction measurements. There are numerous capabilities rolled into one compact machine.

Acaia offers a suite of apps to go alongside their coffee scales. For example, the Brewmaster app logs your basic brewing data as a visual graph, meaning you can see exactly how you brewed your coffee. The Brewbar app records your coffee brewing process, meaning you can replicate that perfect balance of brewing prints time and time again. Each of their apps are designed to hand the brewing controls over to you, giving you space to perfect the art of a cup of coffee. 

  • 20 ms response time for instant readings
  • 0.1g readability scale - accurate and sensitive
  • Permissible error range of +/-0.2g
  • 0.1g to 2000g capacity
  • Dual timer and weight display
  • LED display, brighter on black model for improved contrast whilst brewing
  • Laboratory-grade parts for absolute precision
  • Accompanying apps which connect via bluetooth 4.0
  • Beverage mode designed for pour overs
  • Automated turn off feature
  • Rechargeable USB lithium-ion battery which lasts 20-30 hours
  • Inside package - coffee scale (white/black), heat resistant pad (black/grey), and Micro-USB cable
  • 1 year warranty, limited

Where can I download the Acaia apps?

The Acaia apps are all available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play store. On each of the stores, you can access a description of what the apps do and how you can use them to the best of their potential. 

Is there any difference between the black and white models of the Acaia Pearl?

The only difference between the colour is that the black comes with a brighter LED display. This provides a better contrast whilst brewing so you can always read the display clearly.