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Brazil - Fazenda Esperança

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Our very first Brazilian variety, Fazenda Esperanca, is the perfect introduction to the most popular coffee in the world. Produced in a region of Minas Gerais, this coffee is typical for its rich, full-bodied citric flavours and fruity aromas. 

The roast profile for Fazenda Esperanca is medium roast creating a rich but sweet character, making this variety perfect for both espresso and filter coffee. In this specific Rubi variety, you can notice the flavour notes of yellow plums, milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts, flavours typical for Brazilian produce.

The freshness of the coffee beans is what gives your coffee the specific delicious flavour. Fazenda Esperanca is a farm located in 1200 masl, making the harvest time late summer and the natural processing giving this variety its characteristic fruity flavour. Now you can try Fazenda Esperanca with Bean Bros from the 2019 harvest, and taste the magic of Brazilian coffee yourself.


Farm: Fazenda Esperança
Producer: Bruno Souza
Varietal: Rubi
Growing Altitude: 1250 masl
Processing Method: Natural
Harvest: 2020 August
Flavor Notes: Yellow Plums, Milk Chocolate, and Roasted hazelnuts.
Roast Profile: Medium. Balanced flavor profile creating a rich and sweet characte that goes well for filter or espresso brewing.


Thanks to the low altitudes and flat to gently sloping terrain, Brazil has ideal conditions for mass coffee production. It gives a possibility for mechanised coffee picking which streamlines the production process. Considering the large amounts of production, the price for Brazilian coffee is fair to the quality of the beans. That's why Brazilian coffee is one of the top choices among consumers around the world, supplying almost 60% of the world's coffee. 

Brazilian coffee beans are characterized by low acidity and nutty flavours. Coffee from regions like Bahia or Minas Geras is slightly more heavy-bodied, with higher acidity, which makes them a great choice for espresso blends. 

The higher acidic coffee blends tend to carry richer flavours, like plum or cherry, combined with characteristic nutty to chocolate flavours. The rich aroma and heavy-bodied to citrus flavours make Brazilian coffee so popular, perfect to make intense espresso blends as well as lighter variants, like filter coffee. Due to its diversity, Brazilian coffee can be paired with higher-acidity varieties from Central America or Ethiopia.


For V60 (small) recipe ( by our team member Alvin)

- 18g of ground coffee to 288g of water
- Medium fine grind
- brew water to 94-95C 

1. Rinse filter and preheat brewer and server, throw away rinse water
2. Bloom using 1:3 ratio or ~56g for 35s
3. 2nd final pour using controlled high flow rate circular pours keeping the brew bed high and brewer almost full until hitting weight 288g
4. Total brewing time is ~2:10-2:15
5. Adjust grind and water temp depending on coffee, roast and desired taste.