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Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR Espresso Coffee Grinder, Black

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Eureka mignon zero - Single dose grinder

The Eureka Mignon Zero 16CR espresso coffee grinder has 55 mm steel burrs that is perfect for grinding espresso coffee. It has a single dose system making it perfect for using it home or in a professional environment.

The Eureka Mignon Zero has ON/OFF activation without needing to hold the button down. Continuous micrometric regulation system and No. 40; patented by Eureka with a larger knob and vertical measurement scale for ease of use. Silent technology Silent grinding anywhere: in the coffee shop and at home.
The unique anti-vibration solution of the Eureka Mignon Zero reduces the grinding noise by approx. 20 dB compared to conventional grinders and paves the way for a new way of grinding coffee: precise and quiet.

High-quality materials Aluminum body and grinding chamber, hardened steel grinding discs for durability. ACE anti-group and electrostatic system.

The ACE system prevents lump formation and eliminates ground coffee's static electricity. It is the common denominator of all Eureka demand-driven mills. Thanks to its regulating effect on coffee performance, the ACE system guarantees incomparable cleanliness and uniformity of dosing. A continuous micrometric regulation system, patented by Eureka, ensures unparalleled adjustment precision, saving time and coffee. Grinding yields and allows for maintenance without losing the grind setting.

New features of the single dose Eureka mignon zero espresso coffee grinder.

The Eureka Mignon Single is oriented for Zero Retention

The Eureka Mignon Single Dose Blow Up Cleaning included, designed to grind the subsequent shot with the chamber constantly clean;

New Dosing Cup (45g), stainless steel, is designed to match each type of portafilter

New Mignon Single Dose Hopper (45g), with revolving metallic tab, designed to grind unmarried shot

New Adjustable All-in-One fork, designed through our R&D to be flawlessly like-minded with each Eureka Dosing Cup

and any portafilter;

New and updated usability with an ON/OFF side activation switch, making it easy to activate without keeping on pressing the button.

Extra Comfort burrs regulation knob with a vertical measurement scale for greater ease of use

Technical details of Eureka mignon zero - Single dose espresso grinder

* On/Off Activation
* 55 mm Flat Hardened Steel Burrs
* Espresso, Turkish & Moka
* Silent Technology
* Extra Comfort Knob
* Stepless Micrometric Regulation System
* Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity System
* Adjustable All-In-One Fork
* 230 V version
* Made in Italy

* Traction: Direct

* Rpm: 1350

* Power: 310 W

* Feeding: Single phase

Further details:
* Stepless micrometric adjustment

* Bean hopper capacity: 45 gr

* Productivity (g/s): 1.2- 1.8

* Height: 350 mm
* Width: 180 mm
* Depth: 120 mm
* Weight: 5,6 kg
* European two-pin plug (Schuko)
* 230 V version


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