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Fellow Stagg EKG, Electric Pour-over Kettle

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Meet the Stagg EKG - the ultimate electric kettle for pour-over coffee lovers

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With it’s sleek, matte black design and strikingly classic shape, the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle will look brilliant in your kitchen. And don’t worry, the way it looks is not the half of it. This is a state of the art piece of kit which will take your brewing process up to the next level. 

The real winning feature on this kettle is the temperature control - you can set the temp down to the degree! With the 1200 watt element, turning up the heat happens fast too.

The Fellow Stagg EKG’s design isn’t just for looks. The gooseneck spout gives you precise control when you’re pouring. That means that you can be more consistent with speed when you’re making a pour-over coffee, resulting in an elevated overall taste.

There are a few other capabilities that make this machine brilliant such as the pour over timer and hold button, meaning the water stays at the desired temperature for a whole sixty minutes. The Fellow Stagg EKG kettle is where barista-level functionality and undeniable style meet. Try it out for yourself!

  • 220V, EU plug
    110V adapter available here
  • 900ml capacity
  • Variable temperature control from 57 to 100 degrees Celsius (135 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit). Set to desired temperature by turning the knob
  • Minimalist, elegant design painted with food-safe matte black paint
  • Gooseneck precision spout - gives you pour control so brewing coffee with a dripper or Chemex will be more consistent and enjoyable 
  • 1200 watt heating element - quick heat time
  • 60 minute HOLD option - water stays at the desired temperature for a whole hour
  • Switch between fahrenheit and celsius 
  • LCD screen displays the set and real-time temperature
  • The kettle turns off automatically after 15 minutes in standby mode
  • Brew stopwatch - when the water has reached the desired temperature, use the screen to display timer
  • Body made from 304 18/8 high-quality stainless steel
  • Weighted plastic handle provides counterbalance and greater stability when pouring
  • Dimensions: 29,2cm x 17,1cm x 20,3cm

How should I clean the Stagg EKG kettle?

The heating element of the kettle should never be submerged in water. Instead, just wipe this part of the machine clean with a damp cloth. As for the kettle itself, the exterior should also be wiped clean. You may find that over time, you need to descale the kettle, depending on how hard your water is. Use a scale or lime remover and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

What’s the difference between this kettle and the other Stagg model at Bean Bros?

The other Stagg kettle stocked at Bean Bros is the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle. They follow almost the same identical design only that the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle does not come with the heating element. This means that you miss out on the divine temperature control but still get to enjoy the precision of the gooseneck spout and weighted handle. The Pour-Over kettle also comes with a temperature gauge on the top of the lid so you can still tell what temperature the kettle gets to. It is compatible with gas, electric, and induction hobs.