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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim PRO Black - Hand Grinder

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The first hand grinder that transforms grinding into a ritual

As coffee enthusiasts, we understand that the feeling of grinding your own coffee before you brew a perfect cup is part of a routine and it does complete the morning ritual for many of us. But getting the perfect grinder is getting more and more difficult with the market overpressure and overwhelming amount of information.

But you don't have to look any further. Bean Bros solved the issue of a perfect grinder for you, with a selection that includes Hario Mini-Slim Pro Hand Grinder. This hand grinder with a modern design is the addition to your coffee set you've been looking for.

With a lightweight body made of stainless steel and a sleek black outer layer, this grinder is perfect for home use just as much as for your travel kit.

Hario Mini-Slim Pro offers a wide range of grinding options, depending on the brewing method you prefer, from Chemex and AeroPress to Pour Over of classic filter coffee. The grind size is simply adjusted with a knob under the bean container.

This hand grinder is efficient and an easy to use gadget, that will transform your morning coffee preparation into an experience rather than a bother. It holds up to 24-30 grams of coffee in one round, which is the perfect amount.

  • Stainless steel body in sleek black design, lightweight (only 308 grams)
  • Easily detachable container for ground coffee with a capacity of 115- 125 grams
  • Transparent methacrylate resin lid with a silicone grip
  • Detachable aluminium handle with a hexagonal adapter

What is the maintenance of Hario Mini-Slim Pro?

Hario Mini-Slim Pro hand grinder is very easy to use just as well as easy to maintain. Although it is not dishwasher friendly, you can easily and fairly quickly wash the grinder in hands.

After grinding your coffee, gently detach the parts of the grinder and rinse them with warm water. You may use soap to wash the coffee containers. After the wash, don't forget to dry the parts to avoid any offsets of colourization. Corrosion is unlikely with this product as it is constructed from stainless steel.

How do I adjust the grind on Hario Mini-Slim Pro?

Adjusting your Hario Mini-Slim Pro hand grinder is smooth and simple. Before grinding or adding coffee beans to your grinder, find a knob under the bean container and adjust this one on the grain roughness you prefer. You may want to study what roughness is suitable for individual methods of brewing.