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Hario Filter Cold Brew Coffee Bottle

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An exciting brewing method for those who love cold brew coffee

Hario is famous for its simple, affordable products that just work. This piece of kit is no exception. Hario has created this cold brew filter-in coffee bottle as an answer to the hot Japanese summer heat. The design couldn’t be easier to use and produces brilliant results. 

Simply grind your coffee beans and pour the grounds into the strainer part of the maker. Use 5 - 6 g of ground coffee (medium-fine grind) for every 100 ml of cold water. Stir or shake it gently to start the extraction, and place the bottle in the fridge for 8 - 30 hours (we recommend experimenting with brewing time). Overnight, you’ll have beautifully smooth, cold brew coffee ready to serve. 

Coffee brewed this way has very delicate flavour, it is low-fat, with low bitterness and can be stored for several days without any loss of flavour.

Pair up the cold brew with our filter coffee selection


The bottle has a simple and elegant body - it will make an interesting decoration. 

  • Made from Hario’s signature Japanese heatproof glass
  • Filter made from polyester resin and strainer from polypropylene
  • Removable bottle spout and silicone stopper
  • 750ml capacity giving you around 5 cups of coffee
  • Dishwasher OK
  • Made in Japan

What’s different about cold brew coffee?

To soak up the coffee’s flavour, the cold brew method needs much longer to brew. This is because a cold extraction method doesn’t expose the coffee grounds to hot temperatures. As a result, the coffee is much smoother and less acidic, bringing out the sweeter notes in the coffee beans. The coffee is also much stronger and concentrated than coffee brewed with normal methods. So, with a bit of patience, you can make yourself a smooth, sweet, but strong coffee with this method. 

Which Bean Bros coffee works best with the cold brew method?

When you use the cold brew method, the beans you choose are not as important as with some other methods. This is because you don’t need to worry about the acidity of the beans using this method. Therefore, you should choose your beans based on personal preference. We love using our Colombia Huila Medium roast coffee beans as this method brings out the sweet, chocolate notes. Remember, you should always grind your beans coarsely for the cold brew method because the brew temperature is so low.