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Hario V60 Glass Range Server Clear 600ml

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The right coffee delight

If you belong to the people who enjoy long espressos or filter coffee and need your dose every now and then throughout the whole day, then you will definitely need a perfect coffee server to keep your coffee warm and delightful.

Hario offers a wide range of quality products, and among them, you can find Hario V60 Range Server Clear with a capacity of 600 ml. This Hario server is made of durable, lightweight heat-proof glass that keeps the temperature of the coffee stable for longer than any glass server.

Due to its multifunctional lid, which can also be used as a dripper stand, the taste and aroma of your coffee are left unaffected. The delicate shape complements the iconic V60 dripper and is perfect for any minimalist household.

The server is microwave safe, extremely easy to clean and use. It makes a perfect addition to any coffee set and will keep you satisfied throughout its full use.

  • Borosilicate heat-proof glassware with great heat retention characteristics
  • Rubber insert lid to retain the heat and aroma of the coffee
  • Both server and lid are dishwasher and microwave friendly, and easy to maintain 
  • Compatible with all Hario V60 drippers 
  • 600ml capacity, perfect for up to 4 cups of delicious coffee

Can I prepare hand brew or AeroPress directly to Hario V60 Range Server Clear?

Hario V60 Glass Server is made in Japan from durable yet delicate glassware. It is primarily meant for serving coffee. Therefore some sorts of coffee brewing might destroy the server. 

This type of server is perfectly safe to use for example, for Hand Brew coffee preparation. It is compatible with any kind of Hario drippers, and so the hand brew can be directly prepared and also served from Hario V60 Server. The lid will keep the coffee properties unchanged for a long time. 

However, the glass won't withstand strong pressure, just like the type you need for coffee preparation with AeroPress. Therefore brewing coffee with AeroPress directly over this server is not recommended.

Can I place a dripper on the server?

Any type of Hario V60 drippers is perfectly compatible with the Hario V60 Range Server Clear. You may also use Kalita drippers or any dripper that mimics the shape of Hario V60 drippers.