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Kono Dripper Filter Paper - White

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Sheets of white conial paper filters specifically designed for the KONO meimon dripper. 

Made in Japan
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The Kono dripper was is a visual standout because of its shape and the colours that it comes in. A Japanese favourite that was finalised in 1973 after five years of being developed. Its shape ensures an even spread of the water throughout the filter as well as a steady speed of the drip from start to finish. In the bottom half of the dripper, you’ll notice groves that make the filter sit tighter than we might be used to. This improves the airflow, leads to reduced sediment and results in a cup of coffee with a more intense flavour. For the additional layer of perfection, we recommend you use the dripper in combination with its filter. That way, your coffee will certainly drip from one central point in the way that it was designed to.


40 sheets or 100 sheets
Material: Virgin Pulp
Made in Japan