Wilfa Uni Black Precision Scale for Coffee Brewing - KS1B-T2 - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Coffee Scale WSS-2 - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Svart Coffee Scale WSS-2 - Bean Bros.
Wilfa Uni Black Precision Scale for Coffee Brewing - KS1B-T2 - Bean Bros.

Wilfa Uni Black Precision Scale for Coffee Brewing - KS1B-T2

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Entering the new age of brewing coffee with Wilfa Uni Black KS1B-T2 Precision Scale . This updated smart coffee scale will impress you with not only its exclusive design but with its out of this world functionality! 

The brand new and improved Wilfa Uni Black KS1B-T2 now comes with a lithium battery that can be recharged easily with the included USB type-c cable. Furthermore, a timer is now included in the scale. 

Thanks to the HD quality LED display and Bluetooth connection that lets you connect the scale to your phone through an app, brewing will be a completely new experience! It's easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

The rounded design and black glass surface make the Wilfa Svart Digital Coffee Scale a perfect addition to your kitchen set-up. With the accuracy of 0.1g you can completely rely on this machine to brew an excellent cup of coffee every time. Connect it to the mobile app for even smoother brewing and become a coffee enthusiast.

  • Dimensions 19,2cm x 21,2cm x 4,7cm
  • Rechargeable via USB type C cable (Cable included)
  • HD LED Display
  • 0.1g accuracy
  • Weight range 0.1g to 2kg
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Auto power off after 3 minutes 
  • Material: Glass
  • Heat-resistant silicone pad included
  • 5 years warranty
  • EAN: 7044876059284
  • Model number: 605928

How to use the Wilfa Svart WSS-2 Digital Coffee Scale?

Press the on/off button on your display to turn the power on. The scale will display zero values, meaning it is ready to use. Don't place any objects on the scale before turning it on.

Once you place the container on the weighing platform, press the tare/unit button to zero the display again. To change the unit before measuring, press and hold the tare/unit button for approximately 1 sec and the units will change on the display. If pressed continuously, the units will change every 0.5 sec. To confirm the unit selection, release the button.

How to troubleshoot the Wilfa Svart WSS-2 Digital Coffee Scale?

If your Wilfa Svart UNI Scale has trouble working, one of the following problems may be occuring: 

  • unSt- you're unable to start the scale because it is placed on an unstable surface
  • 0-Ld- the scale is overweight, you have to remove some weight first
  • LO- low battery, recharge batteries before further use

How do I use the Bluetooth function?

The Wilfa Svart WSS-2 Coffee Scale comes with a built-in function of Bluetooth that allows you to check and operate your scale remotely. To set the function up, download the Wilfa Svart app for your phone, log in and select Bluetooth function in the upper right corner. Select the WIlfa SVart Scale and press connect. You're ready to go!

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